Musings of Big Mike ….

Posted by Big Mike on July 25, 2011

Usually when someone calls me a “genius” it is sarcasm. Same as when someone says. “Hey Einstein, you dropped your spoon in the buffet’s gravy.” It’s sarcastic, of course, unless your name actually is Einstein. Did you know Alfred Einstein, the great physicist, was … hey wait, that should be Albert Einstein … was a resident of New Jersey? He could have lived anywhere when he moved to this country, but he chose Jersey. Out of all the places in the world this “genius” could have lived, he picked New Jersey! So I ask, how smart was he, really? Intelligence is hard to figure. Like if someone called you either a moron, an idiot or an imbecile, what is worse? According to my source for everything, Wikipedia, a moron is smarter than an imbecile who is smarter than an idiot who is smarter than anyone in charge of our economy. In Dostoevsky’s novel “The Idiot,” the idiocy of the main character is attributed more to his honesty, trustfulness, kindness, and humility (again, thank you Wikipedia). I really have no point here. But thanks for listening.

New SUNNY Website

Posted by Melissa Midgley on July 01, 2011

Welcome everyone to the new, updated and extremely thrilling Sunny 102.1 Blog! Did that get your attention? Hopefully it sparked your interest and you make this one of your fun daily web spots to check out. You know those times when you are in need of a fun mental break while sitting in front of your computer screen, well here we are! Finally the answer to that daily dilemma what can I search for now! All of us here at Sunny will be posting our deep thoughts, inner most feelings and philosophical questions that are on our brain! No, not to worry, this will be an exciting journey that we hope all of you share with us. Again welcome to our blog, stop back often to see and hear what life is like as we go on living it!